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Handmade Magnificence


Italian Renaissance Inspired

Loupe new vision draws inspiration from the past: the incredible story of optical science acquired over the centuries by the excellence of Italian craftsmanship is now reflected in a cutting-edge product, elegant and modern.

Made in Italy with Italian materials

Founded by Domenico Cartolano and Giovanni Ferrari , an engineer and an architect, passionate creators, ambitious developers, designers and lovers of details, Loupe products are strictly Made in Italy with Italian materials, crafted by experts who use precision technology to make luxury products in traditional workshops, following a traditional art passed down from craftsman to craftsman for decades.

Handmade with Italian Materials - Loupe

Pure Italian Style

People are at the heart of the creative process: whoever wears Loupe evokes the originality of the design, attention to detail, the study of profiles and face shapes and shows off the production of glasses that dress up your personality, ambitions and every day hopes. Loupes invokes the pure Italian style, distinguishing the original from the mundane, uniqueness from the mainstream.